Hello, Brian Olson here, owner of Cigar Lifestyle and smoker of cigars for some 30+ years.

The aromas in the air from my father smoking cigars and pipes are childhood memories that'll forever be cherished.

Cigar Lifestyle is a dream that was quickly attained after my retirement from corporate America.

The company is a reflection of the cigar lifestyle that is lived through my Faith, Family, Passion, Florida and Golf.

Other than the Passion for Cigars, I have been married for 33 years and have been part of New Tampa's Pebble Creek community for 27 years.

I am blessed to have 2 daughters that still live in Tampa and are both teachers in Hillsborough County.

I am a leader for a local group called Holy Smokes - Tampa Bay, which is a faith-based fellowship group with over 200 members in Tampa and close to 5000 members in the national group.

My wife and I attend Creekside Church in Lutz.

After growing up in Massachusetts, I moved to Florida in 1980 and graduated from Crystal River HS, and then went to USF.

Playing golf is something that happens as often as possible!

Thank You for your business and support of Cigar Lifestyle.

Please contact me if there is anything you need help with - whether making your first ever purchase OR if you are a fellow aficionado.

I love helping connect people with the right leaves so you can better live the cigar lifetyle!

Be sure to stop by and say hello at any events we're set up at (see the schedule at https://cigar-lifestyle.com/events/). I'll be the tall guy putting great smelling smoke in the air 😉